Class last week in science

Last week we learned about the atmosphere and clouds. I learned that their are three main types of clouds. There is stratus, cumulus, and cirrus.I learned that weather occors is the troposphere.The stratospher is were jets fly.The mesosphere is where meteors burn up and the coldest part of the atmosphere.

My Audit of my blog

I wrote 12 posts on my bolg.Eleven were set by the challange and one for fun.I recived six coments. four from my teacher and three from friends but none from over seas.My post for christmas got two comments because I asked my friends to comment it.The post I like the best is the one I made about christmas because it was not an assigment.I did change blog themes because I thought that the one I had did not reflect me.I have two widgets, which is enough.I have no over seas students on my blogroll. Now I will ask my mom about my blog.


This is so cool is what my mom said when I first showed her my blog.The picture of my family is what captured my mom attention.Nothing distracted my mom.My mom would like for me to post more pictures.

My Favorite Things

My favorite animal is adog. I realy want a dog but,I live in an apartment we don’t have any room for a dog.The reason I want a dog is because some times I feel like some one is watching me.If I could have any breed of dog I would have a German Shepherd. I like them because they are excellent gaurd dogs according to my dad. Also when my dad had two German Shepherd’s when he was younger and lived in poland(and for those who don’t know i was born in poland and can speek polish)and he “trained them like champions” words of my grandfather.

My favorite blog that is not in the united states is . I just love her blog it is so amazing . I personaly like wathching the tailers that she puts on her blog after she has watched the movie.The first time iI saw her blog I loved it that second. Hannah and i have a few things in common.She is an awsome writer. I sort of wish that I could get an e-mail account so Icould see every new blog post.

I just love love love the color green. Not the dark green but,the light green. To me it feels refreshing, calm , and cool. If I could have a green bedroom I would never walk out. I bet if I could decorate my whloe room it  would be all green , light blue , and pale pink.

My Family

Below is a picture of my family.My dad is a construction site worker. My mom was a dress maker . My parents are my family allong with my grandparents, aunts, uncle,and cousins. The only problem is that most of my family is in poland where I was born. If you don’t know where poland is, it is in Europe.